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Graduate Interdisciplinary Programs

The Graduate Interdisciplinary Program at UB assists students to discover about themselves, on roads that are open to them by circumstances and by the roles they choose to carve out for themselves.  With the guidance of a scholarly adviser, students in the Graduate Interdisciplinary Program construct a personalized program of study from more than 30 different departments and programs in the College of Arts and Sciences aimed at integrating advanced academic training along with specialized experience, which results in developed professional skills set demanded by today’s employers.

For over forty years, our flexible master’s level degrees have attracted teachers, librarians, scientists, artists, and employees of non-profit or government agencies that seek additional training in the same area as their undergraduate work and who wish to explore cross-disciplinary work in related fields.  Many have found, some years after completing their undergraduate degrees, that these master’s programs provide good ways to catch up with rapidly changing fields of interest.  Students may choose to define their interests through structured “specializations” or “certifications”
housed within the flexible programs.  For others, these programs have been used to bridge the gap between the B.A. or B.S. and the Ph.D., or as a step toward admission to professional school.  Teachers have used this degree as a way to fulfill the requirement for teacher or professional certification.

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Prospective students choose from among three unique degree programs:

The M.A. in Humanities offers students the opportunity to combine advanced studies in a core humanities discipline, with study in another humanities, social sciences, or natural sciences field.

The M.S. in Social Sciences invites students to develop individualized graduate programs, extending over two areas in the social sciences, with the possibility of including electives from the humanities, the natural sciences or a professional school.

The M.S. in Natural Sciences is a flexible program, where students combine one core area of natural sciences or mathematics with graduate level course work in a variety of related disciplines, including engineering, education, social sciences or humanities.  Simultaneously, you can also earn your MS and an Advanced Certificate in Professional Science Management.